Medium Red Aglaonema

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The Red Aglaonema, like other species of Aglaonemas, usually comes packed with vividly colored leaves. This striking beauty, however, seems to give other houseplants a run for their money. The red leaves are stunning and bright with maroon outlines and highlights that will add a warm splash into any room. Medium size Aglaonema plants in our greenhouse will be about a foot and a half tall with a leaf span of one foot. Customers from all over the US order this houseplant for delivery straight from our greenhouse. Pafe Plants offer nationwide shipping for customers who order the red Aglaonema, the beautiful houseplant that looks like a glowing strawberry-colored, lush bouquet.

Red Aglaonema Benefits

Aglaonemas are generally pretty easy to take care of, making them great plants for beginners. They usually bounce back pretty quickly from neglect as well. Other benefits that come with it include air purifying ability. Like other plants, this Chinese Evergreen can remove toxins from the environment around it. It also produces high oxygen content, which has been known to help boost energy and mood in the rooms that it’s placed in while reducing stagnancy. These plants also look good all year around, making them the ultimate decoration or gift!

Frosted Strawberry

Like the name suggests, the red Aglaonema is packed with red hues of strawberry, frosted pink, cream, and white colors that make it stand out vividly from the crowd. Customers love the unique, bright coloring that really brings out the tropics. In the middle and outer edges of the leaves, you can also see hints of smokey pink that look like cherry clouds surrounded by the solid, emerald green that mostly encompasses the entire leaf. Not only do the leaves have beautiful red markings, the stems look unlike most others with mostly cream and white hues and  pink highlights that make them look like they’re glowing.

A Lucky Charm

This baby is native to China and the Philippines, where it’s considered a token of good luck and thought to bring good fortune to those who keep them in their homes. On top of that, the Aglaonema is great for Feng Shui and is thought to help with financial success because of it.

Big Family

The red Aglaonema is one of many Aglaonema plants that differ primarily in their appearance. We also have a few of these other species in our greenhouse as well. Don’t sleep on ordering these beauties, they sell out quick! Which Aglaonema is your favorite?

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