Medium Rubber Plant
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Native to the Indian subcontinents and southeastern Asian regions and scientifically known as the Ficus elastica, this plant can reach approximately one and a half feet tall and one foot wide at this stage, and yet, every plant is different. The medium size Rubber Plant is loved by our customers nationwide because of its thick stems, dark hues, and long, shiny leaves that appear to be made of leather. This lush beauty has many aliases, Indian Rubber Fig, Rubber Bush, and Assam Rubber Tree to name a few. We do the whole coast to coast delivery thing, nationwide shipping. Check out how the Ficus esastica fits in with your decorations when you use our new AR tool and your phone. Pafe Plants also carefully wraps each houseplant in packaging meant to keep them safe during transit.

Rubber Plant Benefits

One major plant benefit of the Elastica is that it’s hypoallergenic. Most plants produce pollens that can potentially cause allergic reactions in people and animals, the Elastica does not produce such pollens. Adding to that, the Rubber Plant can also remove air pollutants from the surrounding environment. You can also add to the list that it’s super easy to clean due to its large, smooth, glossy leaves. This plant is packed with benefits, what’s your favorite one?

It Makes Rubber

The genus name Ficus elastica refers to the Latin term, ‘edible fig’, and highlights a pearly sap that can be extracted from the plant’s bark to produce rubber. Normally grown as an ornamental tree, when the Rubber Plant reaches full maturity in its natural habitat it can develop thick roots that eventually form the trunks from which the sap is pulled. While the Elastica used to be a source for elastic materials, today, most natural rubber is taken from latex extracted from the Hevea brasiliensis, otherwise known as the Para Rubber Tree.

A Modern Look

The Elastica has a modern look that can highlight any office or workspace. Customers love the glossy, leather-like foliage drenched in rich Army and uniform greens highlighted by pink and maroon gloss, veins, and stems. The leaves also have mossy hues when viewed from underneath.

Multiple Variations

While this variation of the Rubber Plant is the most popular, other types include the Ficus decora and Ficus variegata. The Decora is classified by its larger leaves and ivory color tones, while the Variegata encompasses traits of narrower leaves that have yellow and green contrasts.
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  • Keep in medium to indirect bright light
  • Use balanced fertilizer
  • Water thoroughly every 7 to 10 days
Medium Rubber Plant
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