Medium Sago Palm
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Despite the Sago Palm's name, they’re Cycads. If you look closely at the pointy leaves, they have a closer look to the pine tree than a palm. But it sure does give off those beloved palm vibes! The real name for this plant is actually the Cycas revoluta, and it’s a tropical lush that’s grown in Southern Japan because of the balmy temps. One thing we love is how easy it is to maintain. Even as a houseplant, it’ll last a really long time if you let it. While all Sago Palms vary in size the medium Sago Palm will be about one foot from the floor up, and about a foot wide. We also ship medium plants nationwide in carefully wrapped packaging meant to keep the plant babies safe during transit. See how the Sago Palm will look in your home with our new augmented reality feature, located right on the Pafe Plants website.

Sago Palm Benefits

Its trunks can be re-purposed in food and ingredients that have produced health benefits for some. In some areas, it’s a huge source of carbohydrates which greatly help the body produce energy. Adding to that, the sago has antioxidants and starch that have been connected to other health perks like lowering a person’s probability of developing heart disease.

Porcupine Leaves

Ouch! A Sago Palm's furious spikes will keep people and pets from touching your plants. The spikes point off several long stems that come from the trunk and fan outward sloping down like actual palm tree leaves would do, giving it the palm tree look and feel our customers nationwide love.

It’s Ancient 

Whoa, the Sago Palm tree is millions of years old! This makes it prehistoric, as it’s been around for approximately 200 million years before humans. Not only has the Sago been around for a long time, individual plants usually last a while too. The Sago Palms grow very slowly, most not reaching maturity until at least a decade or more. Some Sago Palms can live for up to 100 years if under ideal circumstances.

Pineapple Trunks

Another cool feature of the Sago Palm is its trunk. Strongly resembling a pineapple, the rounded, pointed trunk is made of a few different things, one important being starch that mostly builds up over time. When in its natural habitat and the tree has reached maturity, its trunks are commercially harvested for leaves and starch. Sago starch can then be used in cooking for a variety of recipes, especially in Southeast Asia where it’s mostly grown.

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  • Use 18-6-8 slow release fertilizer
  • Water thoroughly every 7 to 10 days
Medium Sago Palm
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