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Medium Snake Plant

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Our NYC and NJ customers keep talking about the Snake Plant (medium size), also referred to as the Mother-In-Law’s tongue in some parts of the world. Its genus name is the Sansevieria trifasciata, and it’s a type of succulent that’s extremely resilient and easy to maintain. Besides the fact that it’s hard to kill, the snake also can purify indoor air! About two feet tall and half a foot wide, this plant catches the eye with its vibrant hues and unique looking leaves 

Reach for the Sky!

The Snake Plant has striking foliage that allows it to stand out from the crowd. More specifically, its pointy, slim leaves stand straight up and grow in tall bunches. Occasionally the leaves fan out at odd angles and give it the appearance of arms reaching up to the sky.

Easy Care Plant

The snake plant is the easiest plant to keep alive, period. It is tolerant of low lighting, high lighting, drought, low humidity, negligence, pretty much anything you throw its way. A perfect plant for anyone that just started with houseplants. 

A Jar of Cucumbers

Besides the unique leaf shape, the Snake Plant has many contrasting hues that add to its highly desired color scheme. Filled with hunter greens, emerald splashes, and lime highlights, the Trifascita is an eye-catcher that will spice up any space... It also kinda’ looks like a jar of cucumbers. There are variations of the plant that encompass sage and tea green hues, adding to its gorgeous color pallet. 

Air Purifier

As if this slim beauty wasn’t cool enough, it also has air purifying abilities! Plants breathe, and when they do, they also absorb allergens and toxins found in the air around it through small pores on their leaves. The same process as photosynthesis, your Snake plant can remove toxins like benzene, carbon dioxide, and formaldehyde from the surrounding air, making it a great bedroom plant.

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