Medium ZZ Plant
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The ZZ plant is loved by many who order online from our website. Customers love the fun, wispy look that comes with the ZZ Plant and brings joy to any room. Not to mention, it’s great to look at. Pafe Pants ships across the United States. We also carefully wrap each ZZ plant before delivery. An emerald beauty with many names, some call it the Zanzibar Gem. Makes sense when you look at its glossy dark green bulb shaped leaves. Other names include Zuzu Plant, Money Tree, and Aroid Palm, to name a few. Its actual name is the Zamioculcas. Close enough, right? It originates from the tropical areas of East Africa that experience a lot of droughts, making this baby pretty resilient. Want to see what your ZZ plant will look like in your home before you buy? Use our new AR feature and take a peek.

ZZ Plant Benefits

There are a couple of cool benefits with the ZZ plant. Firstly, it’s tolerant of many different extreme conditions such as low light, drought, and dry air making it one of the easiest plants to care for. Adding to that, it cleans the air around its environment, with the ability to remove xylene and benzene among others.

Gone With the Wind

ZZ plants have thin, wispy leaves that look like they are rustling in the wind. Their leaves tend to poke out at odd angles that add to the effect. It’s like a breath of fresh air that you can have with you always.

Is Kind of a Succulent

This is a houseplant that’s made to last. Because it comes from such dry climates, it needs a way to withstand long periods without water. To combat this, the ZZ has thick, succulent roots and leaves that help it stand up to droughts. Just because it is hardy, doesn’t mean you can just ignore it for months without watering it. Even so, you only have to water it every 10-14 days.

Easy to Propagate

The ZZ was made to spread its wings. Its leaves will simply drop off into the dirt and sprout again not long after that. This makes it pretty easy to propagate. What a great gift idea.

 Care Info & Shipping: 
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  • Keep in indirect to direct bright light
  • Use balanced fertilizer
  • Water thoroughly every 10 to 14 days
Medium ZZ Plant
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