4 Low-Maintenance Indoor Hanging Plants to Decorate Your Office

4 Low-Maintenance Indoor Hanging Plants to Decorate Your Office
  • Small indoor hanging plants with downward growing vines can enhance even the smallest office interior!

  • Shade and drought tolerant houseplants are great choices for the office because they can hang almost anywhere and require little maintenance.

  • Keep reading to learn more about the best office plants for hanging planters.

hanging indoor plants at the office

There is something magical about walking into a room decorated with indoor hanging plants. In addition to the stunning visual of bright green foliage dripping from the ceilings, hanging plants and wall plants allow you to decorate your office without taking up floor, desk, or counter space.

But what plants look best in hanging planters and plant wall shelves? We’ll guide you in the right direction as you imagine the ideal biophilic design for your work environment.

Philodendron (Brasil)

indoor hanging philodendron office plant

Brasil plants are quick to fly off of nursery shelves and onto home and office walls thanks to their vibrant foliage and unique vine-like stems. Along with their variegated dark emerald and neon green leaves, the Brasil plant’s stems grow downward in captivating coils. Tuck these beauties in a hanging planter or place them on a plant wall shelf to add a splash of the tropics to your office interior.

Plant Care Tip: If your philodendron’s leaves are turning black, brown, or yellow, you may be overwatering your plant. If the leaves begin curling, you may have the opposite problem. Only water your Brasil plant if the top two inches of soil are completely dry. 

String of Hearts

hanging indoor string of hearts office plant

You can create a huge visual impact with very little effort by hanging a String of Hearts plant in your office. The stems are covered in quaint, heart-shaped leaves and delicately trail an average of two feet. This succulent prefers some shade and mild temperatures and can tolerate drought, making it both beautiful and convenient for hanging in the office. 

Plant Care TipThe most dangerous threat String of Hearts plants face is overwatering. If you keep this succulent too moist, it will rot. Allow the soil to completely dry out between watering.

Silver Satin Pothos  

indoor hanging silver Satin Pothos

There are so many things to love about the Silver Satin Pothos. Aesthetically speaking, the plant’s deep green leaves are variegated with silver spots and brush strokes. The stems spiral downward, and their beauty is best showcased when suspended in the air.

Plant Care TipThe Silver Satin Pothos is one of the easiest indoor plants to keep alive, which is why it’s often recommended to houseplant newbies. In fact, the best way to kill a Pothos is to give it too much care. Be sure to only water the plant when the potting mix is partially dry.

Burro’s Tail

indoor hanging burro's tail office plant

A succulent vine, the Burro’s tail is both low-maintenance and visually fascinating. Each vine is covered in adorable, thick leaves that trail an average of four inches. The light green foliage has silver and blue undertones, giving its rope-like tendrils an enchanting glow. To keep your Burro’s Tail healthy, hang it in the most sunlit area of your office.  

Plant Care TipIf the leaves on your Burro’s Tail are starting to soften or wilt, you may be watering the plant too often. Aim to water your hanging Burro’s tail when the soil dries out, or once every couple of weeks.

What are you favorite plants to hang indoors? Let us know in the comments and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay in the loop. 

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