Best Plants For A Bachelor Pad

Best Plants For A Bachelor Pad
Has being trapped inside during the pandemic made you want to redecorate your home? PLANTS are the way to go! They bring you a comforting feel, as well as bring the outdoors into your home, making you feel more at ease and with nature. This feeling can be described as Eutierria - a positive feeling of oneness with earthand its life forces where boundaries between self and nature are obliterated. Basically a feeling of pure bliss in nature, where all your worries go away, almost like a "happy place". Most people's happy places are somewhere out in nature on a mountain, in a forest, at a lake, etc. However, with plants you can make your home your relaxing happy place! Instead of somewhere to stress, its somewhere to destress!
Here is a list of plants and quick guide on decorating with plants in your bachelor pad!
First, you want to start of by picking out your plants. In the picture below is our arrangement of plants we think that single guys would enjoy in their space:
Featured in the photo are:
After collecting all of your plants, you want to know the little secrets to arranging plants in order to achieve the most natural and beautiful looking space!
The first being to always design with odd numbers, unless you're designing with symmetry. Odd numbers bring a more casual feel, and just look better aesthetically. 
Secondly, think about contrasting leaf colors, variegation and shapes when pairing plants together to match plants and make them pop!
Thirdly, when arranging plants, don't keep all of the plants the same size/shape. This will make it seem for uniform, unless this is what you're going for. Grouping with even numbers and uniformly will make it feel less casual and more man-made and formal. Arranging plants of different heights will create more interest and an air of mystery in the space!
Lastly, POTS MATTER TOO! Your plants will have a different look and feel when planted in pots with different colors and textures. Picking the right pot for your plant is essential in the design of your space and can change the feel of the plant, and the whole space, drastically. 

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