Full Size Bird Of Paradise
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Full Size Bird Of Paradise

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Experience the dense and lush of a Full-Size Bird Of Paradise potted in a modern planter selection next to the very sunny floor to ceiling window. The huge dark emerald foliage thriving with naturally spilt leaves to allow air passing through it. The young neon green happiness popping out for the first time from the middle of their thick stems. Look closely to see each of the individual divided plant cells and appreciate the beauty of the growing process because that is nature reminding us what its purest form is. Bring nature to your house.

Bring Home The Tropic

The Full-Size Bird Of Paradise features long oval-shaped foliage that gives off a tropical vibe. 

Survives Direct Sunlight

The Full-Size Bird Of Paradise can tolerate, and even thrive in direct sunlight! As long as the bird of paradise is kept in enough sunlight, the plant will not require much care from you.

Dense, Tall & Lush Growth

Bird Of Paradises has tall clumps of banana-like leaves that are very well sought after in interior design.

A Floor Plant With Big Presence

Assuming you have the space for this magnificent plant, this Full-Size version will really fill up your room. It stands to about 6 feet tall and fans out to 3-4 feet!

Free Local NYC Plant Delivery

We will handpick a Bird Of Paradise from our own greenhouse and deliver it to you locally within 2 days within NYC and NJ! We will notify you a day before we arrive so you can prepare to intercept the local delivery.

Modern Planter Selections & Free Re-potting

Choose from our list of modern planter selections above and we will re-pot this plant into it for free! 

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