Extra Large Dracaena 'Carmen' Cane


Extra Large Dracaena 'Carmen' Cane

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There are over 100 kinds of Dracaena in the world! With so many unique plants, it can be hard to find the best one for your home or office, but don’t worry – we’re here to help!

The Dracaena Carmen cane’s leaves are long and elegant, showing off a glossy green lined with yellow. New leaves sprout from the center, higher than the last, and the older leaves on the bottom of the bunch eventually crisp up and drop. This stacking growth pattern creates yellow bands/stripes along the Carmen cane’s skinny stalks and gives the plant the perfect shape for an empty corner or floor space!

Naturally found in southeastern Africa, these plants like to dry out slightly between waterings. Place your Carmen cane in a spot where it can be in medium to bright indirect light, avoiding extended periods of direct sun. The extra large Carmen cane 10” pot. Let the soil dry to the point where the soil is slightly receding from the edges of the pot, or when the soil is dry 2-3” down from the surface. Dracaenas are considered toxic, so keep these plants out of reach of any curious pets or children.


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