Extra Large Ficus Danielle


Extra Large Ficus Danielle

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Oh sweet, sweet, Ficus Danielle, how we love you. Scientifically known as the Ficus benjamina, she hails from regions in Africa and South America. Danielle is one of the many different, yet gorgeous species of Ficus houseplants on the market. Drink in their glossy, bright, kelly-green leaves with electric lime and neon highlights that make the houseplant look like it’s glowing. Nationwide customers are rushing to order this baby online. These beauties go right to your doorsteps! Anywhere in the US!  bring it home.

Ficus Danielle Benefits

Ficus Danielle’s are resilient plants, with the ability to flourish at average room temperatures. They can also thrive in either lightshade or indirectly bright rooms. Adding to that, Danielle is also pretty good about disinfecting air and deterring respiratory issues in humans and pets through air purification.


Customers love the ‘shaggy’ look of the Ficus benjamina, with its small, petal-shaped leaves that look like little boats at the harbor. The stubby, tube-like stems jut out at angles that make the plant look like a round but shaggy bush. Also known as the ‘weeping fig’ for this appearance, you can really grow your way to a spruced-up office, garden, or entryway with the Ficus Danielle. It’s a pretty popular houseplant at the top of any interior designer’s list, so it sells out quickly.

Twisted Beauty

Part of the Ficus Danielle’s charm is its spiraled, trunk-like stems. Braided, cream colored straw trunks twist upwards until they break off into thinner stems that sprout Danielle's beloved leaves. 


As you may not already know, the Ficus has a large family, with over 800 types flowing around in the world. We have a few of them at your disposal, so take advantage of that and get your hands on all of them! Next day shipping for residents nationwide with our awesome eco-friendly packaging. Special only to large plants...for now. After you’ve already bought Danielle, you can get our Ficus Benjamin and Audrey. They all have their own distinct looks, but flow together harmoniously.

Now that you're an expert with the Danielle Ficus, order this plant by 7PM est to get this plant shipped out of our greenhouse in New Jersey tomorrow (if you are wondering the arrival time, check with the zipcode validator on top of the Add To Cart). Seriously, our plant shipping solution is truly protective and innovative to ensure your plants arrive safe and intact! In case you were still wondering, we WILL send out the EXACT plant that you picked out, just like that of a local nursery or garden center, except we have more and fresher plants to choose from and you can't find our PAFE fine ceramic planter options anywhere else other than our website :)

For any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Hello@PafePlants.Com or call/text (609)-968-7063!


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