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Sometimes called the Umbrella Tree Fig, the Umbellata originally hails from Africa. The huge, vibrant green heart-shaped leaves sprout from skinny stems, and they love a warm and slightly more humid environment. Ficuses can be challenging, but the Umbellatas are a fantastic alternative to their Fiddle Leaf fig cousins!

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The Umbellata prefers bright indirect light, and loves bright morning light. Place in a bright room, but away from the rays of direct sunlight. You can bring this plant outside in the warmer weather for short sun baths in the spring and summer - leave them in a sun for a few hours in the morning and early afternoon, and then bring the plant inside before the harsh afternoon sun hits. If the plant is left in the direct sun, the leaves will burn and growth will be stunted.


Ficus Umbellata needs more frequent watering than their Ficus cousins, but they also like to dry out between waterings. The plant will tell you when it needs water: the leaves will droop and the soil will shrink in a little from the edges of the pot. Water slowly, until you see water draining from the holes in the pot or collecting in the tray.


In the best of conditions, the umbrella tree fig can grow up to 4 feet tall and wide. Cleaning the foliage regularly with a damp cloth helps the leaves to photosynthesize, and gives you an opportunity to check for disease or pests. To prune, use sharp scissors or pruning shears and gently cut off the yellow, dry, brown leaves.

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