Medium Monstera Deliciosa
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The Monstera deliciosa (medium) is a green beauty that our plant parents nationwide can’t stop talking about. Not only that, but we’ve also got customers all over the US, Pafe Plants has extended medium houseplant shipping options nationwide. There are also packaging solutions to keep houseplants safe and sound during delivery. Native to the forests of southern Mexico, the Monstera stands out because of its massive, bulb-shaped leaves that appear to have been sliced with a knife. The Deliciosa will brighten up any room you place it in! Use your cellphone and our AR feature to picture the Monstera Deliciosa in your home right now.

Monstera Deliciosa Benefits

The Deliciosa is packed with medicinal benefits. It’s been utilized in the past to help with arthritis, insect, snake, and spider bites. This is because of its antibacterial, antioxidant, and antiviral capabilities when mixed properly with other medicinal compounds. The plant is also packed with nutrients like calcium, fiber, protein, and Vitamin C to name a few.

Lush Color Palette

Splash the tropics into your home when you indulge in the monstera. It has deep, hunter green shades that envelop its leaves, complete with dashes of lime on some leaf edges, veins, and stems as a delicate highlight. 

It Gets Big

Our clients love how good the Deliciosa looks in their homes. While at this medium size it’s only about two feet tall and one foot wide, it can get much, much bigger. Even so, all Deliciosa’s vary in size and no two plants quite grow the same size and way. This houseplant will work best in a larger room because if you care for it properly, it can end up reaching eight feet in height and over five feet in width! This is the reason for the plants name ‘monstera’ referring to the word ‘monstrous’ since it can reach even larger sizes when grown in nature.

Say ‘Cheese’!

One popular name among this green machine is the ‘swiss cheese plant’. This is because of the holes and slits that appear on the leaves from a very young stage. When the plant is very young, the plant's slits look more like holes. As it matures, the holes lengthen until they eventually look like rips in the leaves that sometimes extend from the vein in the middle all the way to the end of the leaf.

 Care Info & Shipping: 
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  • Keep in medium to indirect bright light
  • Use balanced fertilizer
  • Water thoroughly every 7 to 10 days
Medium Monstera Deliciosa
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