Medium Peace Lily
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Our Peace Lily is beloved by many of our customers nationwide for its delicate yet striking colored leaves that can sometimes be mistaken for flowers. The medium size available at our greenhouse will be almost two feet tall and stretch its leaves about a foot wide. If you want to boost the look and vibe of any room in your house, choose the Peace Lily to help you do it. You won’t regret that choice. We ship coast to coast, all across the US. Picture the Peace Lily in your home when you use our new augmented reality tool.

Peace Lily Benefits

Benefits of the Peace Lily include how easy it is to maintain. It recuperates fast and if you watch closely, you’ll be able to tell something is wrong before it’s too far to bring back. They also have air purifying ability and can remove air pollutants from the area around it.

What’s In a Name?

Lily lives a mysterious life with a misleading name. Regardless of the ‘Lily’ in their title, it’s in fact, not a member of the Lily family, it’s a part of the Araceae family. The Genus name actually originates from Greece. Scientifically known as Spathiphyllum, the word was birthed from the original Greek term, ‘spath’, which also means ‘spoon’ in translation. For the ‘phyl’ portion of the name, it roughly translates to ‘leaves’ both terms referring to the houseplant’s beautiful, white, spoon-shaped leaves. The ‘Peace Lily’ name actually refers to the Calla Lily, since they both have similar sizes, leaf colors, and texture.

Good Communicator

Peace Lilies are good communicators. When the Peace Lily is thirsty or not getting enough love, they’ll show you their displeasure through their foliage. You may begin to notice when the leaves start to wilt and look a bit sad, however, they do bounce back pretty easily once you quench the thirst with water. It’s the key to life!

Flower Power?

While the white-cream petal-like leaves appear to be the ‘flower’ portion of the plant, it’s actually a bit different then usual. What a lot of people don’t realize, is that the ‘petal’ is actually a modified leaf, AKA a spathe. The ‘flower’ on the Lily actually is in the middle of the leaf and looks like a cream colored textured spire. Who woulda’ thunk?

 Care Info & Shipping: 
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  • Keep in low light to indirect bright light
  • Use balanced fertilizer
  • Water thoroughly every 7 to 10 days
Medium Peace Lily
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