Medium Philodendron 'Brandi'

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The Philodendron Brandi (Philodendron Brandtianum) or silver leaf philodendron, is one of our more rare finds! Like most philodendrons, the Brandi loves to vine, sending the silvery-green variegated leaves out to explore its space. These plants are unique in that they can grow and thrive in the soil, in bark-based mixes (like an epiphyte plant), or even in glass jars of water!

The Brandi is native to South America, so be sure to provide medium to bright indirect light. You can put them in a shadier place, but the growth will be much slower and smaller. The medium Philodendron Brandi comes in a 6” plastic pot. To encourage more growth, try giving your new Brandi a moss pole or a trellis for support!