Medium Philodendron 'Fuzzy Petiole'

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The fuzzy stems will blow your mind! Check out the detail images of this plant and you'll see what I'm talking about. No wonder why it's called "Fuzzy Petiole" :)

The Fuzzy Petiole- like its other philodendron cousins originate from the rainforest so they love humidity and can tolerate a shady spot! The plant would explode in well lit setting though, so if you're all about that fast growing plant, this is your plant! They can also be trimmed back and propagated so not too big a problem there.

To keep your Fuzzy Petiole happy, keep it in a well lit spot (but not direct light). It can tolerate shade or lower lighting conditions but the growth may get leggy. 

Water when the first inch of the soil is dry (about every 10 days to 2 weeks depending on your indoor environment). When watering, water thoroughly.

If you want to really see it thrive, introduce a humidifier, spraying your plants may keep you busy but get a humidifier for better results! Or you know,,, do both?