Medium Philodendron 'Gloriosum'

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A fantastic low-maintenance plant, the Philodendron Gloriosum is excellent for offices or homes of plant parents that prefer a more easy-going plant. Unlike most other Philodendrons, the Gloriosum is not a tree dweller. Instead, the heart-shaped, white-veined, velvety leaves are crawlers and explorers, so you’ll want to give this plant a trellis or moss pole to climb on. With its slow-growing habit, you probably won't need to repot the plant more than every two or three years.

Native to South America, these plants love a warm, humid space. To maximize the health and size of the gloriosum's foliage, give the plant plenty of bright, indirect light. A west or east-facing window with morning sun or filtered afternoon light is best. The medium Philodendron Gloriosum comes in a 6” pot, so they’re perfect to place on a table, shelf, or even in a hanging basket! Be wary of small children and pets around this plant, they are toxic to people and pets.