Medium Spiral Cactus

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The spiral cactus, or Cereus forbesii, used to be such a rare find that only wealthy plant enthusiasts who could afford to fund their own private biologists had the pleasure of owning this incredible plant. Even though the Spiral cactus is becoming more popular, it’s still more challenging to find than the more recognizable cacti.

Our medium spiral cacti come in 6” pots, and should get at least 4 hours of indirect sun a day. Even though they’re cacti, these plants don’t like direct sunlight! Even though they’re slow growers, you can expect your cactus to reach heights of 6 - 13 feet tall and can be 4 - 5 inches in diameter. They’re about a foot tall now, so these waxy green spirals are the perfect plant to update any shelf or table space!

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