Full Size Areca Palm

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 Areca palm benefits

The Areca is gorgeous and gives your place a sense of luxury.

It grows thickly, so it can even act as a privacy screen.

Bigger plants clean the air better than little ones! If you have any respiratory issues, or allergies, or you live in an area with pollution, just plunk this Areca palm plant down and it’ll get busy purifying the air you breathe. 

Is the areca palm the right plant for you?

If you like lovely, extravagant, BIG plants that grow to 6-8 feet high, you’ll be happy with the Areca palm indoors. Sun requirements are flexible (ranging from full sun to dappled shade), so it’ll grow almost anywhere in your home. Unlike some other palms, it’s big on self-care: You don’t need to remove any fronds until they’re brown and falling off anyway.

 How to care for a big areca palm indoors

The areca palm is medium difficulty.

What light does the areca palm like—sun or shade?

Areca is pretty flexible: She likes basking in the sun, but she’s cool chilling in partial shade, too. Try a window facing south or west. (According to her horoscope, she looks best in sunset colors.)

Not sure what kind of light you have? Check out our indoor lighting guide.

How often does the Areca palm need to be watered?

The Areca palm flourishes in moist soil, but gets waterlogged easily—so drainage is key. Water when the soil dries out.

Does the Areca palm have any special requirements?

Areca gets hangry for fertilizer, when she’s actively growing. Be generous. But don’t feed her after midnight  when she lays dormant in the winter.

This big plant also likes humidity. If your place is really dry, give her a good spritz now and then.

Re-pot the Areca every couple of years.

Is the Areca palm safe for pets?

Yep! It’s not toxic to your furry little critters.


What you must know before buying an Areca palm

  • Light ranges from full sun to partial shade.

  • It grows tall—up to 8 feet!

  • Water when the soil gets dry.

  • Spritz occasionally.

  • Fertilize monthly (during the growing season).

  • Re-pot every couple of years.

  • Safe for pets.


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