Large Marginata 'Kiwi'

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Dracaena marginata Kiwi is a hardy plant with long, slender green leaves edged with a bright yellowy gold! The leaves grow in a dense clump at the ends of the branches in such a way that they look like the backs of porcupines perched on a trunk. While the leaves look sharp and jagged at a glance, they are just as soft as normal leaves and won’t leave a scratch. Not too fussy about light and water, these plants are excellent for any level of plant parent!




Dracaena marginata plants prefer a bright, indirect light source. They can be happy in lower light conditions, but they won’t thrive in the same way as they would with a brighter light. Be aware though, you'll want to keep it away from the direct sunlight, this can burn the leaves.


Dracaenas in general are wonderfully drought-resistant and don’t require a lot of water, so we recommend waiting until the soil is on the drier side before watering. Water thoroughly until water collects in the drainage tray. 

These plants are sensitive to unfiltered water, and sometimes tap water can have fluoride and other salts that can cause the tips of dracaena’s leaves to get brown and crispy. The easiest way to avoid adding those salts and minerals to the soil is to fill your watering can and let it sit out for a day or so before watering.


Marginatas (like most Dracaenas) are slow growers, so no need to worry too much about pruning. But if your tree starts to get a little big or too long, grab some clean and sharp shears to cut it back.

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