Large Peace Lily
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Large Peace Lily

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The large Peace Lily here at Pafe Plants is adored for it’s floating, cream colored leaves that can look a lot like wispy, delicate flowers.. The large size is ready to go at our shop and will be about 3 feet tall with leaves that stretch 3 feet wide. If you want to add a touch of flair and beauty to a lackluster room in your home, pick the Peace Lily. If you live in the NYC or NJ area you can even get it delivered in 2 days or utilize our no-contact pick-up options.

Large Peace Lily Benefits

One helpful benefit that comes with the Peace Lily is its resilience. It bounces back quick from negligence, and if you pay attention you can see if something’s wrong before it’s too late, as the leaves will begin to wilt and look sad. Lil’s can also remove air toxins and replace them with fresh air. Pretty, pretty, pretty, neat.

A Life of Mystery

Lily lives a low-key life with an odd name. Even though there is ‘Lily’ in the title, it’s not actually a member of the Lily family, it’s actually in the Araceae group. The genus name hails from Greece, and the houseplant is scientifically referred to as Spathiphyllum. The word comes from a Greek term, ‘spath’, which also means ‘spoon’ when roughly translated to english. For the ‘phyl’ part, it means ‘leaves’. ‘What does it all mean?’ You wonder? Both terms are actually highlighting the Lily’s gorgeous, cream, spoon-like leaves. The ‘Peace Lily’ name actually refers to the Calla Lily, since they both have similar sizes, leaf colors, and texture. Who woulda thunk?

It Can Tell You What’s Up

Peace Lilies are good at communicating how they feel. When the plant gets thirsty or isn’t receiving enough attention, they’ll show you their displeasure through their expressive leaved. You may see the foliage wilt and look like it’s dying, however, they do come back to life pretty easily once you give them a little high quality H2o.

Fake Flowers

The white, petal leaves like to fool people into thinking they are flowers, when that’s actually incorrect. The ‘petal’ is actually a modified leaf, also referred to as a spathe. The ‘flower’ on the Lily actually is in the middle of the leaf and looks like a cream textured tower.


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