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We're so excited to finally have some Micans in the greenhouse! There are so many kinds of Philodendron plants, and the Philodendron Mican has been pretty rare find for a little while now!

Also known as the Velvet Leaf Philodendron, the Mican shows off some stunning foliage. The velvety, dark green, heart-shaped leaves have a shimmery finish and will vine and explore their surroundings. They can also appear dark green, light green, or even a coppery bronze, depending on the light. 




Like most of their philodendron family, the Mican plant prefers a bright indirect light. They can tolerate slightly lower levels of light as houseplants, but the leaves will be smaller than those in a brighter environment.


We've found that the Micans like to be slightly drier before a watering, so thoroughly water yours when the top 2-3" off soil is dry, right as the leaves are starting to droop a little. The goal is to avoid overwatering while simultaneously avoiding entirely drying out the soil. While they are pretty hardy, you won't want to ignore them for too long - explorers like Philodendrons use a lot of energy when they grow, so water is necessary to both climb and grow. 

The velvet leaf philodendron is happy in the normal apartment air, they do like some humidity in their environment. Include a little misting to your watering/plant care schedule and your Micans will thank you with bigger leaves!


A typical Philodendron, Micans are very low maintenance. You almost don't need to do any trimming or pruning, but you can if you find the vines have grown leggy or if you want to encourage growth in a new area by cutting the ends off of stems.

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