Medium Begonia 'Exotica' (brevirimosa)

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The Exotica Begonia (Begonia brevirimosa) is one of our newer plants and definitely a rare find. Large, metallic-looking leaves unfurl to reveal a bright pink variegation that demands to be adored. The variegation is different for every plant, so your Exotica will always be unique. Place your new statement piece amongst other plants as a beautiful pop of color, or put it in its own space so it can be the lone standout!

Originating from the lush forests of New Guinea, the Exotica flourishes in moderate to high humidity, consistently moist soil, and medium to bright indirect light. The medium Exotica comes in a 6” pot and will grow up to 2 to 3 ft. tall indoors in the right environment.  Over time, this plant may become leggy, but don’t be alarmed! You can easily prune back the leggy stems. Doing so will encourage new growth to be lusher and more compact. Be sure to keep pets and small children away, all kinds of Begonia are toxic.