Medium Fishbone Cactus

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Commonly known as the rickrack cactus, this low-maintenance succulent is one of the funkier-looking cacti we have! The long, floppy, vibrant green leaves sport fun, zig-zag edges giving the Fishbone Cactus a weird, eye-catching vibe. These plants are sure to delight anyone who lays eyes on them! The fishbone is perfect for cactus lovers who might not have the right conditions for the typical desert cacti, or don’t want to worry about strict care instructions. 

Native to the rainforests of Mexico, the Fishbone cactus loves high humidity, warm temperatures, slightly moist soil, and indirect bright light. The medium fishbone cactus comes in a 6" pot, so they're great for your desktop, a shelf, or that one little space amongst your other plants. Indoors, the Fishbone will grow up to 6 inches tall with leaves extending up to 3 feet long. This makes them great for those hard-to-fill areas in your space! Another bonus is the Fishbone cactus is non-toxic, so it is safe to be around pets and children.