Medium Ming Aralia 'Snowflake'

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There's snow on my Ming aralias! That's just the natural variegations of this plant :) And aralias can never survive the snow don't be foolish. This variegation is honestly very cool, it gives the plant that extra flare that makes it not-so-boring.

The Mings are native to India to Polynesia region so they appreciate the sunlight, and the solid green version can tolerate a little shade but not this bad boy. That's because variegated plants need more light to make up for the smaller amounts of chlorophyll (so proud that I know that). 

A perfect spot for the plant is somewhere that's bright enough for you to read a book without the lights on, avoid more than 4 hours of direct sunlight.

And don't be showering with this plant every day, water them when the first inch of the soil dries (so more or less every 7-10 days). When you water you have to make sure to water thoroughly or they will get upset on you.