Medium Pretty Turtle Plant (Streptocarpus 'Pretty Turtle')

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The Pretty Turtle plant (Streptocarpus) is named for the fuzzy, silvery leaves: the variegations resemble a turtle’s shell! These plants are in the Gesneriaceae plant family and are cousins to the African violet. And just like their cousins, bottom watering is recommended. Leaving moisture on the foliage can lead to discoloration and fungal infections.

Our medium Pretty Turtles come in 6” pots, and should be placed in a bright room, away from the direct sun. In the best of conditions, they will grow to about 1 foot tall, and can produce a cluster of small, purple flowers! Perfect for that small space on the table, shelf, or small space in a sunny room. These plants can withstand a lower light environment, but might not flower.