Medium Succulent Heart (Elephant Bush)

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Also known as the Dwarf Jade plant, the Elephant Bush is an easy-care succulent native to South Africa. The Elephant Bush gets its name from the small, round leaves that sprout from their shrubby, wooden branches. These succulents grow slowly and are pretty resilient and drought-tolerant, making the Elephant Bush the perfect gift for the budding plant parent!

The Elephant Bush is pretty hardy and low maintenance: all it needs is about five to six hours of indirect bright light per day, though it can still grow in partial sun. Try placing the plant in a spot that gets sun from a south, east, or west-facing window with a translucent curtain to avoid scorching the leaves. They love the fresh air, so if you plan on growing your Elephant Bush inside, consider keeping it near a window you like to have open or putting it outside when the weather is warm. 

This plant is a succulent, so it's relatively drought-tolerant and when you water, make sure to do so only when the top 2 inches of soil is dry to the touch. Water deeply and thoroughly - let the plant’s soil drain completely before returning your succulent to its usual spot. Add some rocks or pebbles to the tray and put the pot on top to allow for more water to drain out over time, while also preventing the roots from sitting in water.


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