Small Monstera 'Thai Constellation'

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The Thai Constellation monstera is a rare and incredibly beautiful find. With heart-shaped leaves that show off a smattering of creamy white variegation against a deep emerald green base, the Thai Constellation Monstera is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of plant. As its name begins to explain, the Thai Constellation was cultivated in Thailand, from just a tiny tissue culture! While Monsteras are normally relatively easy to care for, we recommend this variety for the more experienced plant parent. The heavy variegation – while absolutely stunning – creates a situation where the greener parts of the leaves need to work double time to turn sunlight into enough energy for the whole plant to grow and thrive. 

Monsteras love a bright, dappled light, so try and put them in a bright spot away from the direct sunbeam or behind a translucent curtain. The small Monstera comes in a 4” pot and some have been reported to grow up to 15 feet tall indoors! This plant is especially unique because it has a “back” – unlike most other plants, the Monstera’s foliage grows facing the same direction. So be sure to add some support behind the plant so it doesn’t fall over as it matures!